Welcome to Electrolux iHUB.

The Electrolux iHUB website is a dedicated e-website hosted by our vendor-partner, Brightidea. Electrolux iHUB is a collaboration and idea management platform which allows you as a student to submit ideas.

Although hosted by Brightidea, your activities on the Electrolux iHUB website will be subject to all Electrolux policies and guidelines, including but not limited to those set forth in Electrolux’s Code of Conduct. As a condition of using this site, you will be expected to review and accept these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy governing the site. 

In addition, the following terms and conditions shall apply to your use of the iHUB site:

Privacy, data protection. Electrolux will not collect any information about individuals during the IHUB, except where it is specifically and knowingly provided, such as for example your email in your personal profile.

Internal use only.  The site is to be used only as a forum for Electrolux employees and external individuals such as students or individuals having a contract to work for Electrolux as a consultant or the like, to share and brainstorm ideas and for the exchange of communications relevant to topics posted to the site. All aspects of the site are internal and confidential, and may not be shared outside of Electrolux without Electrolux’s express permission.

Responsibility for content.  You are responsible for all content you submit to the site.  Ensure that content you submit is truthful and accurate before you post it, and if you are posting your opinion on something, make it clear that it is your opinion and not fact.  Use appropriate judgment, and be professional and respectful.  Your site privileges may be revoked based on inappropriate use of the site. If you are an external individual having a contract to work for Electrolux as a consultant or the like or if you are a student having a contract with a third party employer, you are, prior to proceeding further and/or submitting any content to the site, responsible to have received your employer’s approval to submit ideas to the IHUB under the terms and conditions set and to be allowed to submit content to the site. By proceeding further and/or submitting any content to the site you confirm that you have received such approval from your employer.

Warranty and indemnification.  You hereby warrant and represent that your idea is original and does not infringe any third party rights. You shall indemnify and hold Electrolux and its affiliates harmless for any cost, loss or damages (including but not limited to fines) arising out of a breach of the Warranty herein.

Add value
.  We encourage you to share your expertise and your opinions, but content you submit should be relevant and business-related, and should serve to further the discussion or development of an idea. Take care to draft your comments in a way that they will not be misinterpreted.

Attribution of content
.  Anonymous contributions are not permitted; your name will be attributed any content you submit to the site.  Take attribution for content you contribute, but do not take credit for your coworkers’ contributions.  When contributing content, make sure you represent yourself accurately; this includes information you include in your personal profile.

Global audience
.  While Electrolux encourages the submission of ideas to the IHUB, that doesn’t mean such confidential information should be shared with a broad audience, even within the Electrolux Group.  When submitting content to the IHUB, please remember that your potential audience is all Electrolux staff globally, and submit only content that would be appropriate for that purpose.  Never submit information that is restricted to a particular group or business within Electrolux.  If you are not sure whether certain information is restricted, please check with your manager.

Content restrictions
.  Please remember that Electrolux owes strict duties of confidentiality to its collaboration partners; therefore, you should never include collaboration partners’ confidential information, including account names and/or numbers, in your posts.  Further, you may not include any information that is, or may be considered to be:

          in breach of trademark, copyright, patent or other intellectual property rights;

          in breach of the rights of any other person or entity (including but not limited to privacy and data 
          protection rights);

          in violation of any applicable laws or regulations including federal securities laws, banking    
          regulations, anti-discrimination laws and privacy laws; 

          sensitive personal information, such as information about an individual’s religious or similar beliefs,

          racial or ethnic origin, health or sexual life, political affiliation, trade union membership or 
          information about criminal offences; or

          otherwise inappropriate in any other way.

Promote Electrolux’s interest, not your own.  The purpose behind this IHUB is to support Electrolux in its ambition to identify consumer needs and potential new products and, therefore, Electrolux may evaluate, exploit, and commercialize any content you contribute. The IHUB may not be used to promote yourself or your own or anyone else’s personal interests.  Solicitation on behalf of any person or organization other than Electrolux, including any outside business venture, and any form of non- Electrolux advertising, is not permitted.

Voluntary participation.   While we encourage employees to actively participate in the submission of ideas to the iHUB, your activities on the IHUB site should not interfere with the performance of your job responsibilities.  Your participation is voluntary and is not a requirement of your employment. In order to be successful, you need to find the right balance between your job and your activities on the site.  Your site privileges may be revoked in the event that your site use interferes with your job responsibilities.

Site monitoring and removal of content
. As with any other electronic communications equipment, services and facilities provided by Electrolux, your use of and any content you submit to the site will be monitored in accordance with and to the extent permitted by applicable law. Electrolux reserves the right to remove any content that it considers to be inappropriate, in violation of its policies or any of the terms, conditions and guidelines governing the site, or for any other reason deemed appropriate by Electrolux.

Ownership of content
.  To the extent possible by law, any  idea or other content you submit to the IHUB, including all copyright, trademark, patent, and other proprietary rights in and to the idea or content, or which are developed as a result of contributions to the site, are owned solely and exclusively by Electrolux.  Ownership of the idea or content shall inure to the benefit of Electrolux from the date of conception, of creation, or of fixation in a tangible medium of expression (whichever occurs first) of the idea or content. Each copyrightable aspect of the idea or content shall be considered a “work made for hire” under the Copyright Act of 1976, as amended. To the extent such rights in and to the idea or content do not automatically vest in Electrolux, you hereby transfer assign and convey to Electrolux exclusively all right, title, and interest in and to the idea or content and all proprietary rights therein (including renewal rights) without further consideration and free from any claim or lien.  You also agree to execute any documents requested by Electrolux to confirm its rights to the idea or content.   

Compensation, payment.  
 Except as otherwise permitted under Electrolux policies you are aware and accept that no compensation will be paid to you or anyone else in exchange for your contribution to the site including any rights arising out of, or otherwise related thereto. 

  You hereby grant to Electrolux a worldwide exclusive right and license to print, publish or otherwise use your name, picture and likeness in connection with your submitted ideas.

All information and content on the site is considered confidential and proprietary to Electrolux, and may not be used (except in the course of your employment with Electrolux) or disclosed to anyone else, regardless of affiliation.

 You confim that you understand the potential consequences of misusing crowd sourced designs and ideas. Furthermore, you acknowledge, as part of submitting your ideas, that Electrolux Group has its own development pipeline and may have developed independently (or may in the future develop independently) something similar to your ideas/work.