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Electrolux is looking for innovative solutions to address the challenges selected for the current edition of the Booster Program, by leveraging external innovation opportunities that might come from different industries. Preferably, solutions are at their prototype or MVP maturity level and could be industrialized into Electrolux products and processes within a 12-month timeframe.

To collect innovative solutions, we have launched a Call4Innovation to all external innovators and set-up a fast-track selection process to identify the most promising to be admitted to the Booster Program.

Start-ups, spin-offs, SMEs, private inventors and other small businesses or anyone else who wants to innovate, experiment and provide for solutions within the selected challenges for the current edition.

The aim of the Call4Innovation is to identify the most relevant solutions to address the challenges specifically referred to the 2022-2023 Booster Program.

The ultimate goal is to set-up a joint collaboration - with the winners of the Call4Innovation - to further develop the proposal into an applicable solution for the Electrolux use cases.

Project target and requirements will be defined together at the beginning of the Booster Program.

The value of partnering with Electrolux might be recognized through different collaboration models which will be defined on a case by case basis.

When the call #call4Innovation is open you will be able to click on “JOIN NOW” and you will be redirected to the submission page. Until then, you can subscribe to be notified of updates here: https://forms.gle/djxuZBxVGfDsN1nY6. When applications are open you will be able to click on the “APPLY NOW” button to fill in the application form (open from September 23rd) where you will be asked to describe clearly what your solution to the selected challenge is.

Prior to submitting your proposal, you will have to accept our Terms & Conditions. We also ask you not to share nor submit any confidential information. 

All the relevant information about the Program are described in “Terms and Conditions” and “Rules” on https://open.electrolux.com/community/boosterprogram (available once the Call4Innovation is open).

Submitting a proposal through https://open.electrolux.com/community/boosterprogram (application will be open from September 23rd) does not imply for Electrolux any obligation to invite you to the Electrolux Innovation Day.

Electrolux is free to judge whether or not your solution meets the scope and requirements to address the challenges identified.

If there is an opportunity for collaboration, you will be contacted to further investigate the proposal and eventually invited to attend the Electrolux Innovation Day.

Upon submitting your proposal through https://open.electrolux.com/community/boosterprogram, you will receive a confirmation email.

The Open Innovation team together with Electrolux experts will then start a detailed evaluation process that might require to contact you in case further investigation is needed.

Proponents of the most interesting proposals will be invited to attend the Electrolux Innovation Day to pitch their solution to Electrolux Top Management.

Each solution will be evaluated by Electrolux according to the challenges and respective requirements:

  • Relevance against requirements to be addressed
  • Technical feasibility
  • User and/or functional benefits
  • Uniqueness and distinctive elements against other available solutions
  • Maturity level (MVP or prototype)
  • Scalability in products, technologies and processes

No. Proposal can only be submitted through https://open.electrolux.com/community/boosterprogram . Only at the end of the evaluation process, if your proposal will be considered to be interesting by our team, you will be contacted for further clarifications and invited to the Electrolux Innovation Day.

No. You will not be paid for submitting your proposal to the Call4Innovation of Booster Program. Electrolux has no obligation with participants of the Call4Innovation.

Only if your proposal will be selected as eligible to join the Booster Program at the end of the Innovation Day, you will be granted a €7,000 cash prize.

No. Registering to the platform and submitting a proposal are completely free.

Electrolux will use personal data of participants to the Call4Innovation to contact in case there is the need for a follow-up meeting or for any future communication related to the Booster Program or other relevant Open Innovation initiatives, upon your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time as per our Privacy Policy